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If you have ever called an insurance company then you know how time consuming this process can be.

  • Choosing Health Plan Shopper means your billing and claim issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. You are not left on the phone selecting option after option to make policy changes or understand your Explanation of Benefits by yourself. We have policy review options as well as billing and claim reviews.
  • In California your Health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Purchasing your health plan directly through the health insurance carrier Does Not reduce your rate. Therefore selecting the right health insurance broker makes all the difference to you.
  • We at Health Plan Shopper have plenty of resources to help you. Your purchase experience is made easy. This is the value of having chosen Health Plan Shopper as your health insurance broker.

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Billing Issues

Should you have any Billing Issues, please use the link below to go to a form for issues on your monthly bill from your insurance carrier.

Claim Issues

Should you have any claim concerns, please use the link below to go to a form for claims not paid according to your plan.

Customer Service

Need to make to changes, have billing or claim questions adding or removing employees or looking to change doctors?

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Open Enrollment

831 days, 23 hours, 53 minutes, 29 seconds ago open enrollment for California Health Insurance begins again and runs from: November 15th 2015 through February 15, 2016
Covered CaliforniaTip: How much income you report on your tax return will determine how much support you will receive. You have 2 simple pieces of information that are key to determine the amount of your subsidy:
  • Your household size and income for all individuals included on your tax return (yourself, your spouse and dependents, when applicable).
  • The age of those household members who will receive coverage.

Schedule of coverage for new health insurance applicatons

During the last three months of the initial Covered California or Privately bought insurance coverage “open-enrollment period” (from Jan. 1, 2014, through March 31, 2014), an individual who submits a completed application, receives an eligibility determination and makes a plan selection by the 15th of each month will receive a coverage-effective date of the first day of the following month, as long as the person’s full premium payment is received. ...

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